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Medals and Awards

Other Recognition Awards

Chairman: John F. Mitchell, III

Capt. Joseph Ramsey Award

Created in 2016, the Capt. Joseph Ramsey Award was funded by NSSAR, the Pennsylvania Society,
and FP Joseph Ramsey’s Frontier Patriots Chapter. The annual award of $500.00 is administered
by the USMMA Alumni Ass’n. & Foundation. Selection of the recipient is made by a committee
of the Marine Transportation Department and Professional Development and Career Services, based on agreed criteria.  The report for the 2019 award and recipient can be found

Student Good Citizenship Program

Students from secondary schools in the Delaware Valley who demonstrate outstanding citizenship and patriotism are eligible to receive the SAR Good Citizenship Certificate, Gold Lapel Pin and the Chapter's Leadership medallion.   Since 1998, the Chapter has awarded Good Citizenship Awards to 51 students who represent 30 schools in the Delaware Valley. 

If you wish to recommend a teacher or student in the Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery or Chester counties for either of these programs, please fill out the Get in Touch form at the bottom of the Home page.

Fire Safety Award

Michael Hanly Award_112319.JPG

November 23, 2019

Officer Michael Hanly presented with the Public Service Fire Safety Medal and Certificate


On April 3, Officer Hanly was the first to arrive at the scene. He immediately ran into the burning house and saved an elderly man who was trapped inside on the third floor. Officer Hanly proceeded to carry the man over his shoulder and down a ladder to safety. In the process Officer Hanly suffered smoke inhalation and a burn.

At the time of the fire,  Officer Hanly was a part time police officer with the Ridley Park PA Police Department. Officer Hanly is now a full time police officer with the Collingdale PA Police Department.

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