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Youth Programs

Americanism Middle School Brochure Contest

Chairman: Jim Leming

The brochure contest was started by the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) to encourage middle school students in the 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th grades, including home schooled students, to develop a brochure showing what they have learned about topics related to the US Foundational Documents or events related to the celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the Revolutionary Period.


One of nine United States Foundational Documents

  1. Articles of Association of 1774

  2. The Virginia Declaration of Right of 1776

  3. Declaration of Independence 1776

  4. Articles of Confederation 1777-1781

  5. General Washington’s Resignation as Commander of the Continental Army 1783

  6. The U.S. Constitution 1787

  7. Federalist Papers 1788

  8. Bill of Rights 1791

  9. President Washington’s Farewell Address  1796


Events related to the celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the Revolutionary Period

  1. The Boston Tea Party 1773

  2. The First Continental Congress  1774

Although it is an individual project, the SAR hopes that whole classes will study and research the subject together. The contest is also open to Scouts (Boys & Girls) and members of the Children of the American Revolution (CAR) who are in the same grades, but whose school system may not be participating in the contest. In the case where the local school system, or its equivalent, is participating, the student must enter the contest through the school and not as a separate entry.

Some examples of brochures are provided for your information:

Schools’ Responsibility

Selecting of the document to be studied during a given school year is the school’s responsibility. This permits the school to align the brochure contest with that of the school’s curriculum. In addition, the responsibility for judging of the Brochures falls upon the school, but as this is the first year for this contest in Pennsylvania and contrary to other state societies; the Philadelphia Continental Chapter would accept as many as three (3) brochures from each middle school (each school’s three best).

Guidelines for Contest Entrants

  1. One brochure per student - Not by a group

  2. The content of the various panels should align with the instructions provided in the Instructions.  This guide also explains how the brochure is to be identified.  Please note that the Society name is PASSAR and the Chapter is PCCSAR.  Judging will be performed with the author’s identification blocked from the judging team’s view.

  3. Paper: The thickness of paper is that commonly used for business document, but it must be 8½” x 11” and could be lighter weight, particularly if items are to be pasted onto the master. Construction paper is usually too thick, but may be used, providing the brochure can be tri-folded.  Paper color: white paper is most common, but pastel or colored paper is acceptable.

  4. Artwork: All artwork on brochures should be hand drawn. Do not paste pictures from magazines, books, or the Internet onto the brochure. Clip art cannot be used. Simple drawings that represent complex concepts are encouraged for those who may doubt their artistic skills. Ideas are the most important element in these brochures and the art is merely a means of conveying those ideas.

  5. Pasting: Pasting of hand drawn art work onto a master is permitted. Lighter paper weights are recommended for items to be pasted onto a master.

  6. Text: The written text is commonly hand printed. Typed text sections, even pasted on, are also permitted. [CAUTION: This must be original text written by the student – not clipped from magazines, books or taken off the Internet.]

  7. Disqualification: Brochure entries may be disqualified for these reasons: (a) did not adhere to the annual Americanism Theme; (b) is not 8 ½” x 11” in size; (c) is not a tri-folded brochure (cannot be folded).


Brochures will be judged by the SAR on the following elements: a. Content; b. Creativity; and                   c. Correctness.

Awards may be given on three levels

  • The Philadelphia Continental Chapter will award a prize to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in this area.  Each of the Chapter 1st place winners will be forwarded to the state level competition;

  • The State Society will select their winner, and award 1st place $200.00, 2nd place $150.00 and 3rd place $100.00.  The 1st place winner at the state level will compete at the national level.

  • The national prize and awards are: 1st Place - $200, 2nd Place - $150, 3rd Place: $100.

Submitting a brochure to the contest                                         

  • Submit your brochure for this year’s contest by April 12, 2024.

  • If you have questions, comments on preliminary drafts of a brochure, or to have completed brochures to be picked-up, please contact the Philadelphia Continental Chapter's Brochure Chairman:


Jim Leming

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