Constitution and By-Laws

Proposal to Amend PCC SAR Constitution

Amendment to the Constitution

The current COVID pandemic has restricted social interaction including meetings.  We are constitutionally bound to hold periodic meetings and a proposal distributed by Compatriot Michael Freeland would authorize any and all meetings conducted in an electronic format including video and audio meetings. 


Every meeting is presumed to be “in person” with the exception determined by the President. It would be the President who determines if the conference by electronic meetings is permissible.  The example was provided that the 6 May 2020 meeting was totally electronic.  There may be meetings in the future where participation could occur electronically and in person simultaneously or the meeting is to be totally by physical participation.  This would not be added to the proposal.


This may also result in increased participation for meetings for members who cannot physically attend.


Motion made, and seconded, to approve the amendment to the constitution as written.


The proposed amendment will be presented to the chapter membership at the next membership meeting to approve the amendment.  In addition, previous meetings held electronically will also need to be ratified/certified.

Added 8/30/2020

Constitution and By-Laws

Current Constitution and By-Laws

(added 9/16/19)

The PDF and Word files include:

  • Contents (1 page)
  • Constitution (7 pages)
  • By-Laws (7 pages)

Recent Changes to By-Laws


Addition of Finance Procedures

Attached is a copy of the PCCSAR Constitution and By-Laws, current as of September 10, 2019, and the Finance Committee Policies and Procedures as adopted September 10, 2019.


The substantive changes were made to reflect that the President is now an ex officio member of all Committees, including the Finance Committee.


These documents have been posted on the PCCSAR Website.

Finance Committee Policies and Procedures


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