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The purpose of the Guidon webpage is to communicate the content from Guidon so that it is convenient and available to members new and old.  "What is the Guidon?" you might ask.

This Guidon provides a handy reference to encourage participation in Chapter activities through a comprehensive collection of information about the Chapter and what it does.  
It also provides contact information on certain members.  New m
embers are encouraged to keep informed of Chapter activities by reading the quarterly Chapter Compatriot News, by referring to the Chapter website,, the State society's Minuteman magazine, as well as the national SAR Magazine which is issued quarterly. They are all good tools to stay abreast of activity at all three levels.  Please note that all members can participate in Chapter programs.  This includes members living at a
distance and those with difficulties attending monthly meetings. The Chapter publishes a calendar which is updated periodically.  The calendar includes all activities of the Chapter and those of its Color Guard.  Members are urged to attend as many of the functions as possible.


SAR Logo.png
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