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Long standing compatriot Edward Hibbs Buchanan, Jr. died Sunday morning November 21, 2021, in his 90th year.  I talked with Ed's widow, Margaret, earlier this week and there was no definite  plan to hold a funeral service for him at that time. Ed suffered a stroke last spring and his activities were curtailed after that event.  I talked with him last June when he told me he was sorry he could not attend our chapter's annual picnic.

Some background information  Edward Hibbs Buchanan Jr was born June 5 1932 in Norristown PA and lived all his life at the Buchanan family home located at 123 Whitehall Road in Norristown, PA (Jeffersonville area).  Ed was the son of Edward Hibbs Buchanan, Sr. and Clara Oberholtzer Buchanan.  Ed graduated from Norristown High School  and served in the United States Army.  He married Margaret who immigrated to the United States from England in 1946.  They had three sons.  Ed worked as a water utility/water meter inspector and reader.

Ed developed a very strong interest in his family history and belonged to several hereditary  and genealogical organizations. He joined the Sons of the American Revolution Philadelphia Continental Chapter in 1936 and became a Life Member in 1938.  Ed also was a member of the Huguenot Society as well as patriotic organizations. He was a regular attendee at Philadelphia Continental Chapter meetings and special events.  He remained very spry and dapper.  I was quite surprised a few years ago when he told me  he was past eighty five.  He continued driving to evening meetings until a couple of years ago.

When we receive word of a funeral service, the chapter will be advised.


John F. Mitchell
Past President
Philadelphia Continental Chapter
Sons of the American Revolution

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