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Greenspan Scholarship Award

Chairman: Carter Broach

F. Russell & Ruth Greenspan Scholarship

This award is an endowed scholarship made possible by a generous grant by a former Chapter president, the late F. Russell Greenspan, and his wife.

The amount of the award depends on annual trust earnings. In 2018 we funded two scholarships—one in the amount of $1,500.00 and one for $1,000.00 - and plan the same for 2019.  Nominees must be current college juniors, and winners were scheduled to have their prize money applied to the 2019 fall semester tuition. Winners must remain enrolled in the school which nominates them in order to receive the award.

Students eligible for nomination are existing college juniors in the Delaware Valley area of  southeastern  Pennsylvania, who are in pursuit of studies that will enhance their knowledge of the principles of the government founded by our forefathers.  Studies include, but are not limited to,  American government, history, civilization, politics or law, political science, legal institutions or jurisprudence, the preservation of , as well as research concerning American historical documents, archives and monuments.

The chairman of the Committee uses an ad hoc selection committee to determine the recipient of the award.  The Scholarship Award is made directly to the winning student's school.

To print the application form, click here.

For further information about the Greenspan Award, contact the Chairman of the Greenspan Award Committee of the Philadelphia Continental Chapter, SAR:

Carter Broach


Charles Wheeler

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